Looking for new nail prep tools & not sure what to buy?

Here are some tips to help you find the right ones for you!

With many new brands emerging on the market - buying new nail tech tools can be confusing. You may already be loyal to a brand. You may want to venture to a new brand. You may be swayed by discounts and free gifts - it’s abit of a minefield, so here are a few key things to look out for when selecting your new nail prep tools.

Coating: This is super important!

Good tools will be coated in Titanium, and really good tools will be coated in Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) See what we did there…. :) Now there is a reason that tools are coated in these materials.

Firstly the coating helps the tool to stay sharper for longer, which means you will be replacing them less, so this saves you reinvesting in new tools sooner, and it also means less tools go in landfill! (yay)

Both Titanium and DLC coating provide optimum hygiene. Their strong surface makes it harder for bacteria to stick too. We highly recommend cleaning your tools in between every client, but know that these coatings are the safest option for your tools.

The strongest coating on the market is DLC. It is as strong as diamond - which is the hardest known material to date. It is used to reduce friction and wear, and is environmentally friendly too. Items such as Aerospace fasteners and components along with Rolex watches are DLC coated.

I would always check to see where the tools have been coated too if you can - most good retailers will show their country of manufacture.

It is tricky to know sometimes, as companies can state that their tools are Titanium coated, however in some cases they can be plated. Think jewellery, a plated coating quickly wears exposing the metal - so these tools won't last as long.

If you're not sure check the finish on the tools - if they have a high shine finish - chances are, they are plated.

Cuticle Nippers: An essential tool in every nail tech's kit.

When selecting your cuticle nippers, a sharp blade is very important, as this ensures a clean cut and less tearing of the skin. If the nippers are crafted from surgical steel - the chances are these will provide that sharpness that you need. Surgical steel is corrosion resistant, making it a great choice for manicure tools.

Due to the sharpness of the nipper blades, it’s important to protect them when not in use. I would advise to look for nippers which have the safety catch at the bottom of the handles, this is an important feature and is there to protect the blades and keep your nippers aligned.

You get what you pay for: The famous saying is true in so many aspects and is definitely true in the tool world too.

If it’s cheap - the chances are this is for a reason. Many tools in the medical trade are created for single use purpose and unfortunately these are often mass produced and sold to our industry. 

Remember, your prep tools are the tools of your trade, and it is important to look for a company who specialises in this field. There are many companies that don't work in the industry adding nail tech tools to their range of products, including big online retailers. Ensure you're buying quality tools from a trusted brand - the price will usually reflect this. 

I would also check product reviews too - Recommendations from other nail techs are a great place to start. 

I hope that helps - if you do have any questions feel free to get in touch at info@lpnails.com.