LP Gel Palette | Solid Nail Art Gel


Solid · Drip Free · Nail Art Gel.

Every product we develop at LP is created to make life easier for nail techs and LP Gel Palette is no different.

For years I've been frustrated with messy nail art pots and messy gel bottles -  having 10 girls in the LP nail bar means we have a lot of gel colours being used.
This can often be wasteful, plus there are over-exposure risks too.

That’s why I create LP Gel Palette solid nail art gel. It doesn't drip, making it super easy to keep clean, and easy to apply.

Plus you get 6 colours in each palette, so it’s cost-effective too.

LP Gel Palettes are compact, so they’re much easier to work with than having lots of different gel bottles or nail art pots. The LP Gel Palettes can be stacked and stored in a drawer or are great if you're a mobile tech or a session artist as fit nicely into your kit bag.

We have 6 LP Gel Palette Collections Available.

The Essential Collection - contains all of your key shimmer colours, plus black and white

The Bright Collection - contains those popping brights that are great for french tips and the party accent finger.

The Autumn Palette - inspired by our BA Kirstan Hart @nailhart_ has all your warm winter faves.

The Coffee Collection - has the essential nudes and dreamy browns, perfect for the winter months.

The Christmas Collection - includes a pillar box red, and a deep merlot, plus three party shimmers.

The Winter Collection - features a selection of blues and snowy sparkles - perfect for the festive season.

I have also brought out a selection of nail art brushes too. These are made from synthetic hair, so are vegan, cruelty free and work perfectly with the LP Gel Palettes. The LP Brushes are hexagonal shaped, so they don’t roll off your desk when you're working. They are also supplied with rubber hexagonal lid, which fits your brush perfectly, keeping them safe when not in use.

The LP Nail Art Brushes can be purchased individually or as a complete collection. My favourite is the LP Brush 08, I use it for everything!

If you do have any questions about the LP Gel Palettes or LP Brushes, feel free to get in touch with myself and the team.

Love Lucy x