eFiles - What you need to know.

Years ago, Electric Nail File's (eFiles) used to get a bad rep in the industry. Mainly as they were used in salons that weren't regulated or practising Industry Standards, and they were often seen as quite an abrasive tool to use on clients.

The industry however has changed so much over the last few years, and not only is the quality of the equipment produced a much high standard - the level of standards that nail techs have to adhere is also much higher. You have to be qualified to use an eFile before practising on your clients.

And rightly so, an eFile is a powerful bit of kit - but when used correctly, it can dramatically improve your nail service. Not only can it reduce your treatment time - meaning you can squeeze a few more client into your day. It can also help with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which is common in Nail techs after years of hand filing.

"eFiles save lives ... Well, not really lives per se, but they do save limbs and careers." And it's true... eFiles take away some of the strain on the body caused by hand filing - which can eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other nerve/tendon/joint-related conditions.

Sign me up now I hear you say, here's a few other things you should look out for when choosing your eFile:

Let's Talk about Torque:

Many eFiles advertised in the market place will promote the speed of the eFIle, but really this means nothing without the Torque.

Torque, is the rotational power - the push behind the spin of the drill bit - a twisting force that causes the rotation and determines how easy that rotation is.

An e-file without torque will slow down and struggle when applied to a nail. A good e-file should maintain the same speed and rotational power whether it’s spinning in the air, or filing on product.

If you have a low torque eFile - you may find yourself applying more pressure or increasing the speed when coming in to contact with the nail - this is what can lead to your client feeling heat, and damage to the nail plate - so it's not a good sign!

With a high-quality eFile only a light touch is needed, as the drill bits and motor do all the work for you.

So don’t get fixated on a specific RPM number as it really isn’t a good determining factor of power. Look for an eFile that mentions the torque too.

Next up... The Hand Piece:

Many of you might protect the box part of your eFile, but the hand piece is actually more important than you think. This is where the motor for your eFile lives, not in the box - that houses the battery that powers the hand piece.

Most eFiles should come with a rest, so we would recommend using this at all times. Think of it like a comfy chair that you sit in after a hard days work - pop your hand piece back in here for a rest after its done its job.

Its also super important to keep the hand piece clean - avoid getting dust and debris inside when changing your Drill Bits.

Dont forget to clean your bits too...

Drill Bits that is - It's important to to keep these sanitised in-between your clients  but keeping these super clean, and removing any dust will help to keep your eFile clean too!

Most Drill bits come in a universal size of 3/32" - which should be compatible with the majority of eFiles out there. Just remember eFiles and Tools are designed for professional nail techs, so its important to buy off a dedicated retailer. Like with most things, there are a lot of cheap options out there, which can be a false economy.

Your eFile and Drill bits are Tools or your trade - Pay cheap and you'll end up paying again. So we recommend investing in a reputable company.

Silence is golden:

And so is a small humming sound, but your eFile shouldn't make too much noise, or vibrate. If it is, it maybe time for a new one. eFiles are sometimes referred to as Nail Drills - which instantly sounds noisy... but a good eFile shouldn't be - so you can happily chat holidays while prepping nails.

Know your speed:

When working with your eFile, it's important to know what speed you are working. eFile Drill Bits are designed to be used at different speeds, so it's important to know what speed your working at. eFiles with a digital display screen are great for this.

We hope that was helpful.

If you'd like to know more about the LP eFile, LP Drill Bits or our eFile courses, please get in touch: info@lpnails.com