The LP eFile Course - And Why it's different.

We all learn at different levels, some can read a manual and go and fix their car engine, some can watch a YouTube Video and re-plumb the bathroom - but for the majority of us the most effective way to learn is with live demonstrations and practise.

Not only can practical learning improve engagement and knowledge retention -  Many students learn more easily by actually “doing” the activity. 

The LP eFile course is fully practical - We provide live demonstrations of each drill bit, the correct speed and the right technique of how to use it. 
We don’t feel that the electric nail file (eFile) can be taught from behind a screen, that’s why we practise a ‘hands-on approach’ on our courses.

Practical work starts on yourself first, and then the techniques are practised on a model and are supervised by our educator.

You work on clients day to day, so we feel it’s important to practise this in your training. We also don’t let you leave the course until both us, and you are confident with the skills you have learnt - if that means you coming back to do more training, until you have mastered the techniques correctly, then we will get you back in. 

When used incorrectly eFiles can damage the natural nail - and we’ve seen time and time again, nails that have been permanently damaged due to in-proper eFile use. 

On the LP eFile course we take you through each drill bit, the right speed at which to use it, and make sure you feel confident knowing how to use it.

We’ve had lots of nail techs come to us after taking other eFile courses that still don’t feel confident enough to use the eFile on their clients. We don’t let that happen on the LP eFile course, and we offer continued support after the course too. Plus its 6 hours of intensive learning - Some eFile training courses only last for 2 or 3 hours or are taken online - we don’t feel this is long enough or the best way to learn what is effectively the tools of your trade.

Lucy has been teaching students how to use an electric nail file for almost 7 years - so not only are you getting her knowledge for the correct and safe way to use an eFile, there’s lots of extra tips and tricks that you will learn too - all to enhance your nail service.

When used correctly the eFile can not only reduce your treatment times, it can also reduce the strain on your body that is often caused by hand filing.

The LP eFile course is now running in 7 locations across the UK.

Sheffield - Home to the Lucy Pastorelli Training Academy, along with:

Hertfordshire - Buckinghamshire - KidderminsterNewcastle - Redditch - Shropshire

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All of our educators have been hand selected, and trained by Lucy, so they deliver the eFile training the LP way. See our educators here.

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