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The LP Ceramic Refiner Cone


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The Ceramic Refiner Cone is designed for refining full cover tips at the cuticle for a blended finish. You can also use it to remove any excess gel that may have seeped out during application, and removing seepage from underneath the free edge. 


The ceramic material of the drill bit doesn’t create heat, making it more comfortable for your clients. Plus it’s hard-wearing, so will last longer than a diamond dust drill bit.



Ceramic bit

Medium grit

For right and left handed use

Fits all eFile machines with a standard shaft width of 3/32”


We advise you to follow the LP Hygiene Routine to clean & care for your drill bits.

Ready for a new drill bit?

E-files are designed to make life easier for the technician, if you're applying more pressure and having to use double the strokes on the nails it may be time to treat yourself to new drill bits.

We hope you can understand that all of our drill bits are non-refundable, due to hygiene reasons. 

The LP Ceramic Refiner Cone