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Zoom LP Desktop eFile

LP Desktop eFile


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Introducing our new LP Desktop eFile. Created by nail technicians for nail technicians!

The LP Electric desktop file has all the features that any nail technician requires.

The light touch buttons make the LP Desktop eFile easy to operate, and with the large digital display, you know exactly what speed you are working at all times.

The RPM can be easily turned up or down with the lightest touch, making for smooth transitions during your work.

The LP Desktop eFile comes with Play / Pause functionality - making it easy to stop where you are working, should you need to use a tool in between filing, and then resume at the same speed.

The LP Desktop eFile has a brushless motor, which means it doesn't contain brushes that can easily clog. This results in increased lifespan, increased reliability, and reduced noise. 

It also means the handpiece is smaller, lighter and much easier to hold. #brushlessisbest


35,000 RPM

Digital speed display screen

Torque of 2.5ncm

Forward and reverse action

Play / Pause functionality

No vibration - Almost silent

Brushless motor 

Slimline handpiece

Let's talk about torque

The torque is the force that drives the drill when working on the nail. Our LP Desktop eFile has 2.5ncm of torque, meaning only a light touch is required - which results in a more comfortable experience for your clients and less strain on you while you work.

The LP eFile comes with a one year warranty from your date of purchase. Please ensure to only clean your eFile with a damp cloth - any cleanse, liquid, or acetone-based solutions could damage the display screen.


LP Desktop eFile