Zoom LP Gel Palette - Christmas Collection
Zoom LP Gel Palette - Christmas Collection

LP Gel Palette - Christmas Collection


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Say Hello to LP Solid Gel - Christmas Collection.

Our Christmas Gel Palette contains the perfect Christmas reds and party shimmers that you need for your festive nail art and any accent finger full coverage applications.

Maroon Shimmer · Ruby Slipper · Mulled Wine · Merlot · Christmas Red · Champagne

The compact palette contains 3 grams of each colour, so there's no need to have lots of gel pots open. It's drip free solid gel, meaning less mess, less waste and easy application.

LP Gel Palette can be used with your current gel system. Simply apply the solid gel over your gel colour or base coat. It is highly pigmented so you should only need one coat in most cases.

To use:

- Take your prepped nail brush and scoop out the desired amount of gel.
- Apply to the gelled nail or base coat, and get creative.
- Cure for 60 seconds under 48W UV/LED lamp - You can also freeze cure for 10 seconds in between designs.
- Finish with your top coat.

For the perfect application, we advise using the LP Brushes


Please keep your LP Gel Palette out of direct sunlight as this may cause the top layer of the product to cure.





LP Gel Palette - Christmas Collection