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Zoom LP Hygiene Routine Kit
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LP Hygiene Routine Kit


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The LP Hygiene Routine Kit is designed to keep your eFile drill bits and tools clean, hygienic and safe to use.

The 3 step process is a quick and effective way to clean and disinfect your equipment in between your clients, and it protects the longevity too.

Our LP Sanitiser spray and wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and are safe to use on the skin.

The Hygiene Routine Kit includes:

1 x LP Sanitiser Spray (100ml)

100 x Tool & Surface Wipes (Individual Sachets) 

1 x Microfiber Cloth

How to clean the LP drill bits - 3 Easy steps

1. Wash the drill bits in hot soapy water (You can use the LP wire brush to help at this stage) rinse, and dry with the Microfiber cloth. 

2. Spray the drill bits with the LP Sanitiser Spray, leave for two minutes and dry with the Microfiber cloth.

3. Finally, use the LP wipes to clean the container and your hands before handling the clean tools.

How to clean the LP tool range:

1. Open the individual wipe sachet, wipe over the tool to clean.

2. Use the other side of the wipe to disinfect the tool.

3. To finish, use the LP Microfiber Cloth to dry the tool before using.


Good to know: Our LP tool range is coated in either Titanium Carbide or Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). Bacteria is less lightly to stick to your tools due to their strong exterior. Full sanitisation of drill bits and tools is 100% necessary - we just wanted to let you know you are using the best.

The LP wipes are biodegradable.

If blood is drawn using any of the LP drill bits or tools we recommend full sterilisation.   

MSDS and product testing sheets are available on request.

LP Hygiene Routine Kit