Zoom Redditch - ePedi Course
Zoom Redditch - ePedi Course

Redditch - ePedi Course


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LP ePedi Course - Redditch - £150 + VAT

A one day intensive ABT Accredited course, where you learn how to safely perform the electric pedicure (ePedi) treatment. 

The LP ePedi is a dry pedicure treatment, using the eFile and drill bits instead of blades, scrubs and peels. It's perfect for clients with hard, dry and cracked skin, as the eFile removes this with ease. So no more vigorous hand filing! 

The benefits of ePedi:
eFile Pedicures are becoming more popular, due to the benefits for both the nail technician and the client. 

An ePedi allows you to offer a more detailed service to your clients, it is a bespoke treatment catering for your client's individual needs. ePedi enables you to create treatment plans for your clients, meaning repeat business, rather than a generic pedicure or a one-off foot pamper.

eFile Pedicures are a quicker and more effective way of removing hard callus skin - which not only helps to reduce the strain on your body, it enables you to work on the areas of need easily and more precisely. 

For the client, an ePedi offers a safe and thorough treatment, especially for those clients who are diabetic as you're not using blades that could potentially cut the skin. Also for clients that suffer from Fissures (cracks) as it's a more comfortable way of removing hard callus skin.

Why the LP ePedi course?

We practise a hands on learning approach, meaning our course is mainly practical - with live demonstrations and practical assessments.
We keep our class sizes small, so you get one-to-one time with your educator throughout the day. We do not move on to the next step until you are fully confident with the techniques you have learnt.
This is a 6 hour intensive course, and you will leave with the confidence to safely perform the ePedi treatment on your clients.

All students that have demonstrated the necessary skills to practise the ePedi will receive an ABT accredited certificate - making them safe to carry out the ePedi treatment.

Students will have access to online course videos and learning material following the course.

What you will learn on the course:

  • The eFile, how it works and the different parts and speed settings
  • The different ePedi drill bits - how, and when to use them, covering the RPM speed, the right angles and the correct techniques
  • How to safely work on and reduce callus skin
  • How to safely work on and reduce fissures (cracks)
  • How to exfoliate the whole foot
  • How to work on corns and problem areas
  • How to work safely over the natural nail, removing non-living tissue, creating the perfect nail preparation for product application
  • How to safely clean your eFile and drill bits
  • The right way to conduct client consultations and cover contraindications
  • How to create treatment plans for your clients
  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Health & Safety


What you will need for your course:

  • eFile Machine - Any brand is fine, we recommend the LP eFile as it has the latest technology, a digital display & a brushless motor
  • LP ePedi Kit
  • Prep tools
  • Product free toes
  • A Model (Depending on the number of students in the class., there may be a requirement to bring a model with you on the day.)

Course Details:  

The course runs from: 10am to 4pm 
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Course Location: 
Imogens Hair and Beauty · Newton House · Hewell road · Enfield · Redditch · Worcestershire · B97 6AY

Course Educator: Lee Kesterton @leekesterton_nailartist

Mandatory: You must have a pre-existing qualification in eFile which will need to be submitted before attending the course. Please send your certificate to: info@lpnails.com

Please note: 
The LP ePedi Course is non-refundable and the location is non-transferable. Please contact us if you cannot attend your course, and we can try and accommodate a different date where possible


Course kits will be delivered to you one week before your course. Please email if you would like this sooner.

Redditch - ePedi Course