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The LP Dust Extractor


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Whether you're hand filing or using an eFile this is an essential for any nail tech.

By using the LP Dust Extractor you will reduce the amount of dust you breathe in every day.

Many allergies are developed from uncured product dust coming into contact with the skin. This can affect both you and your clients. Using a dust extractor will dramatically reduce the risk of overexposure. 


The LP Dust Extractor is cordless with a built in battery, meaning you don't need to have extra wires on your desk. The filter is washable, making it easy to clean. Plus you can change the grill to match your salon aesthetic.



Washable filter

Lightweight, Slimline design

266(w) x 303(l) x 52.2(h) mm - Fits under most hand rests

Low noise

4300 RPM

Supplied with a silver grill.

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The LP Dust Extractor comes with a one year warranty from your date of purchase. Please follow the recommended cleaning guidelines for your LP Dust Extractor. Any cleanse, liquid, or acetone-based solutions will damage the LP Dust Extractor and not be covered by your warranty.

Please take extra care when removing or cleaning the LP Dust Extractor grill. The edges may be sharp.


The LP Dust Extractor