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The LP Exfoliator


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The LP Exfoliator is the ePedi drill bit of dreams. 

This diamond dust drill bit is your ePedi all-rounder. Designed to exfoliate the whole
foot, and remove small areas of built-up skin.

The LP Exfoliator replaces tools such as rasps and blades, which not only put
pressure on a nail tech’s body but can also cause trauma to the skin.
Our body’s way of dealing with trauma is to build up more skin in that area to protect it, which results in hard skin on the feet.

The LP Exfoliator helps to gently exfoliate away any hard skin, leaving the foot feeling smooth in a much safer and effortless way.


Diamond bit

Medium grit

For left and right handed use

Fits all eFile machines with a standard shaft width of 3/32”

We advise you to follow the LP Hygiene Routine to clean & care for your drill bits.

Ready for a new drill bit?

E-files are designed to make life easier for the technician, if you're applying more pressure and having to use double the strokes on the nails or skin it may be time to treat yourself to a new drill bit.

We hope you can understand that all of our drill bits are non-refundable, due to hygiene reasons. 

The LP Exfoliator