Zoom The LP Ultra Detergent 4 x Bundle
Zoom The LP Ultra Detergent 4 x Bundle

The LP Ultra Detergent 4 x Bundle


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Save money with the LP Ultra Detergent 4 pack bundle and add an extra step of hygiene to your salon cleaning.

The LP Ultra Detergent is a highly concentrated antibacterial ultrasonic cleaner fluid, that is safe to use on all metals, glass, ceramic, nylon and rubber.

The LP Ultra Detergent ensures superior and extensive cleaning of your tools, drill bits, salon essentials and surgical equipment. 

Killing 99.9% of bacteria, The LP Ultra Detergent formula is trusted by professionals in medical practice, laboratories, food processing and environments with stringent hygiene standards.

Its powerful fast-acting formula effectively removes debris and other residues when used in the LP UltraClean. 



4 x 500ml bottle

Supplied with measuring cup

LP Detergent is made and tested in the UK.

ISO 9001:2015
EN  ISO 13485:2016

To use: Pour 15ml of the LP Ultra Detergent into the supplied measuring cup and add to 750ml of water in the LP UltraClean.

MSDS Sheets Availble




The LP Ultra Detergent 4 x Bundle