Passionate about Promoting Industry Excellence, Lucy Pastorelli began working with her nail clients over 10 years ago, and has since grown to have a nail bar, training academy and now her own range of products.

Teaching her ABT and Guild accredited Nail courses - Lucy promotes ‘hands on’ student learning, featuring as much practical experience as possible with the use of live models in the training sessions.

“I thinks it’s important to see your students work every step of the way, to ensure they are practising the right methods and techniques, especially when using the electric file - sitting behind a screen to learn isn’t what we’re about here at LP - I ensure my students leave the class room, confident that they can practise these techniques on their clients, and we stay there until they do.' 


LP eFile Course

Lucy’s ethos doesn't just stop at her teaching methods, after many years of teaching and witnessing students arrive with substandard equipment, Lucy embarked on a mission to design and produce her own range of professional nail tech equipment and tools.

‘I wanted to provide my students with quality, yet affordable equipment - I believe the nail industry is changing and technicians are understanding the importance of using quality tools and equipment, not only for longevity of the tools, but also for perfect performance and their wellbeing too”

The closure of the Beauty industry during the pandemic, gave Lucy the time to explore production methods, and speak to designers and manufacturers - and, after months of researching, endless zoom calls, Lucy eventually found a reputable Yorkshire manufacturer - who specialise in medical grade surgical tools.

Working closely together Lucy’s ideas came to life and the LP Black Tool range was created. Coated four times in titanium, the tools are built to last, they’re strong, hygienic and look pretty good too. 

Not stopping at tools, Lucy released the LP eFile with a range of Prep and Pro drill bits including the exclusive LP Black Titanium Drill Bits. All designed to make the nail tech’s working life easier.

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If you’d like to train with Lucy and her team - check out our course page or if you have any questions please get in touch: info@lpshop.com