Zoom LP Scent Collection Box
Zoom LP Scent Collection Box

LP Scent Collection Box


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If you're not sure which LP Scent you prefer why not try our LP Scent Collection Box.

Containing five luxury fragrances designed to transform your space and help you find your favourite LP Scent.

LP Scent 1 - Our LP Signature scent with notes of Amber, Sandalwood & Violet

LP Scent 2 - Notes of Bergamot, Sweet Berry & Oakmoss

LP Scent 3 - Notes of White Tea, Sweet Orange & Musk

LP Scent 4 - Notes of Bergamot Lemon & Lemongrass

LP Scent 5 - Notes of Grapefruit Orange & Jasmine

Each 10ml bottle will last approx 3 days depending on the LP Scent System settings you choose.

Say goodbye to unpleasant salon smells and overpowering acrylic aromas, and cultivate an aura of luxury.


- 5 x 10ml LP Scent bottles

- Designed for use with the LP Salon Scent System

- Safe for children, pets, art and furniture

- Works with the LP Salon Scent System

To use: Pour the LP Scent into the LP Salon Scent System bottle. Programme as per the manual.

Lucy’s Top Tips:

"My optimum settings to get your space smelling amazing. .. Set your LP Scent System to level 6, on a 60 second interval and the run time  8am-8pm
This will also ensure that your LP Scent lasts."

Please note that the LP Scent Collection Box is non-refundable.

LP Scent Collection Box