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The LP UltraClean


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Say hello to easy cleaning with the LP UltraClean.

Our new ultrasonic cleaner is designed to clean your tools and drill bits in minutes.

The LP UltraClean delivers precision cleaning using high-frequency sound waves that are transmitted through liquid.
The sound waves agitate the water and cause the cavitation
of solution molecules (bubbles). These microscopic bubbles implode with such force that contaminants adhering to surfaces are dislodged, removing all dust, dirt and debris from your tools and drill bits. 

No scrubbing is required, simply add water and let the UltraClean do the work.

For a more hygienic clean, we recommend using the UltraClean with the LP Ultra Detergent, which kills 99.9% bacteria, and sanitises too! Meaning your tools and drill bits are safe to use straight away. 


5 Clean settings

Safe for Drill Bits & Tools 

Ultrasonic Power : 35w

Tank Volume : 750ml

Please follow the supplied user guide to get the best from your LP UltraClean.

The LP UltraClean comes with a one year warranty from the date of your purchase. Please ensure to only clean your UltraClean with a damp cloth - any cleanse, liquid or acetone-based solution could damage the display screen. Do not submerge the UltraClean or power cable in water - this will not be covered in your warranty.

The LP UltraClean is supplied with a UK Plug.



The LP UltraClean