Behind The Brand

Hello I'm Lucy,

I wanted to share with you my story, and let you know more about the products that you buy from LP and the thought that goes into each one.

A little bit about me… I attended beauty college after leaving school covering level 2 and 3 beauty. I quickly realised that nails were the one for me. So I began to focus my attention and energy here.

After being told that I would never make a career out of doing nails, I worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to build my client base, and what is now the Lucy Pastorelli Nails & Training Academy. Home to 10 x Nail Technicians, 2 x Aesthetics Clinics, 2 x Beauticians, a Lash Technician and a hair salon. 

I remember a guy asking me what I did for work once, and I answered ‘Oh I just do nails’, like so many of us do… But part of my vision has always been to help change that stigma, as we all know it's so much more ‘than just nails’.

I have been a nail tech for over 13 years and an educator for 10. I've always wanted to help nail techs grow in themselves and their business, I see you as colleagues, not competition and I am driven to provide the best equipment and education to help you flourish. 
I set out to create a product range and environment that is inclusive to all, and offers the best quality products that are also affordable. I wanted to help promote industry excellence and create a brand that you can trust.

So how did it all start… Initially, I was teaching for other brands, and I soon realised there was a better way to do things, I wanted to put my own spin on it too.
Having dyslexia I understand that people learn in different ways and at different levels and wanted to make my courses different.

My focus has always been a ‘hands-on’ teaching approach. Meaning that the LP courses are mainly practical, so no sitting behind screens or reading pages and pages of manuals for hours on end.
Students are asked to bring a model to all LP courses, this means they are working as they would in a real-life environment - it ensures confidence is developed on the course, and allows students to be able to start working on their clients straight away. I don’t feel you can get this working on yourself or on a practice hand.

During my courses, I would often find that students were arriving with substandard equipment, which was not only difficult for them to use, but also made it difficult to teach. When the 2020 lockdown happened, it gave me the time to research and start to develop my own products.

I found a local medical tool manufacturer and began developing the LP Tool range with them. I'm from Sheffield so it made sense to get the best local steel. I also wanted the tools to be black, different from anything in the industry and I loved the chic look this gave the tools too.

In March 2021 I launched the LP Tools and they sold out in 2 days, which I couldn't believe - As these were only ever designed for students attending my courses.

Initially, the LP Tools were coated in Titanium, but as we are always developing and looking to bring you the very best, we soon moved to coating the tools in DLC (Diamond-like Carbon), which has the hardness of diamond, one of the strongest known materials to man. DLC is also used to coat Rolex watches and aerospace parts, so I knew it was the best.

The LP Cuticle Scissors were a later addition to the range. The blades are the same blades that are used in heart valve surgery, allowing for the most intricate cut.
The shape of the handles was designed to sit in my hand and work with it's natural movement, and operated by the lightest touch.
The cuticle scissors are my go-to, I rarely use nippers any more. They are lightweight, and so much easier to use, especially if your hands are starting to ache at the end of each day.

If you are ever struggling with LP Cuticle Scissors, just let me know and I will happily jump on a Zoom call and show you how to use them correctly.

The LP Uncoated Collection was launched in September 2023, this was to bring the same quality of tools but at a more affordable price, aimed at students and techs starting out their career in nails. By not having these coated meant that we can offer these at a lower price point. 

My love of Perfect Prep:
My preference when prepping has always been combination prep, using both an eFile and manual tools. Prep is key to your product retention, from day one we have always promoted #itsallintheprep

When creating the LP eFile, I wanted to ensure that the features allowed you to be able to switch between the two, so we added the play / pause button. This means you can pause the eFile at the speed you are working to grab your pusher, then resume exactly where you left off. 
I also wanted it to be easy for you to read the RPM that you are working at. I've seen and used so many eFiles that make it really difficult to see the speed.

What is also super important with any eFile is the handpiece. On most eFiles this is where the motor lives. The LP eFile has a slim handpiece making it easier to hold. This is due to it having a brushless motor. If an eFile has a larger / wider handpiece, this means there are tiny brushes in the motor that can wear out quickly and also store dust, so my tip would be to avoid a larger looking handpiece when searching for an eFile. 

I'm all about making things easier for nail techs and educators. Work smarter, not harder! I still can't believe there are nail techs out there not using eFiles.

I've experienced some of the struggles that come with teaching, so I have tried to make it so that students and educators don’t have to face these, and their courses can run as smoothly as possible.

This is why I compiled the LP eFile kits, these initially were for the LP eFile course, ensuring that students arrived at the course with everything they needed to successfully complete the course and begin their eFile journey. After speaking with other educators, I realised there was a bigger demand for these, so we made them available to purchase for everyone.

There are 3 eFile Kit options available to suit different budgets. The Essential, The Deluxe, and The Ultimate. The Essential Kit is one of our top-selling products of 2024.
This then led to the development of the LP Training Affiliate programme. A scheme created to help other eFile educators outside of LP to work with an established brand, offering ready-made eFile kits to their students, whilst getting discounts on their personal products.

We have lots more exciting things lined up for the LP Training Affiliates this year, so if you are already teaching eFile, and not an LP Training Affiliate, please get in touch at there has never been a better time to join.
Keep a lookout for more information coming soon.

Every day, I am forever grateful to every single order placed, and every student that has attended an LP course. I never thought that I would be selling my products which were initially designed for my students, to nail techs all over the world. It's a dream come true!

I couldn't have done this without my amazing team that supports me everyday.
My sister Katie, who joined me at the beginning when we were both packing orders in the spare room, working around my daughter's nap times. 

Lucy, Liz, Beccy and Shaun (My husband) who take care of all our customers and their orders. They work so hard to ensure you get the very best service and care about every order that is sent out to you.

The LP Educators, who teach the LP eFile course across the UK.
The LP Brand Ambassadors who have helped the brand to grow over the years.
The other brands that we have been lucky enough to form great working relationships with, Nail Order, HONA, Labology3, Clawgasmic Nail Network, Niche Nail Network and the Nail Tech Org.

The amazing recognition we have received: The LP Tools being featured in British Vogue magazine, with our fave session artist Michelle Class.

The LP Cuticle Balm being featured in Stylist Magazine, reviewed by the lovely Lucy Partington.
And our new partnership with EIllisons, the UK's leading beauty supplier.

We want you to know that you are working with a brand that cares, and we are here to help and support you.

If you ever have any questions, please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. I personally answer all of the Instagram messages too, so drop me a DM with any questions.

Thank you.


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