Cuticle care and why it should be part of your daily routine

We spend thousands of pounds in our lifetime on our beauty routines; cleanses, toners, moisturisers, serums, treatments for our face, body, hair…

And for most, unless we are a regular manicure goer, our cuticles are more than likley neglected and have never enjoyed the benefits of a cuticle balm or cuticle oil. Infact, many people might not even know how to care for their cuticles and why it should become part of your daily beauty routine.

Our cuticles are exposed to damage on a daily basis. Excessive cold or heat, cleaning chemicals, soapy water and hand sanitiser can all lead to cuticles becoming become chapped, cracked and dry.
How many times have you had dry or sore skin at the base of your fingernail? With the use of a cuticle balm or cuticle oil each day you can help to prevent this happening.

Cuticle care is even more important if you get your nails done in a salon too. Acetone and product can dry out your nail and cuticle - so keeping them moisturised daily, will help to keep them healthy.

By using the LP Cuticle Balm daily, you can help to prevent your cuticles and nails from drying and cracking. LP Cuticle Balm will nourish your cuticles; hydrating the nail and skin, giving you that fresh manicured feeling every day. 

Our aim is to promote industry excellence, and to give nail techs the tools they need to be the very best they can be, and our LP Cuticle Balm is no different.

The LP Cuticle Balm is made in Yorkshire and is enriched with natural oils which contain antioxidants that help with premature ageing and wrinkles, along with hydrating the skin. It also contains Echinacea Purpurea Root, which has anti-inflammatory properties and hydration benefits too.

It is a little less messy than using a cuticle oil, meaning LP Cuticle Balm can be easily applied to the nails and cuticles through out the day by your clients. Simply rub the LP Cuticle Balm into the cuticle and surrounding area, whenever you feel the need, we do recommend after exposure to any cleaning and sanitser products.

The LP Cuticle balm is fragranced by our signature LP scent, which has taken months of trialing and testing. Created by Lucy Pastorelli and designed to leave the skin fragranced for several hours, meaning you don’t actually need to wear perfume. We have also produced a handy LP scent brush, designed to help you apply the LP Cuticle Balm by simply brushing on, this will also help the scent of the balm stay on the skin.

You can purchase the LP Cuticle Balm for yourself, or to retail in your salon. Let your clients take the handy tin away with them and keep their nails and cuticles soft and mosuitrised each and every day. Plus the LP Cuticle Balm is made here in the UK and is cruelty-free. 

We hope you love the LP Cuticle Balm as much as we do, and that it becomes part of your daily beauty routine giving you healthy moisturised cuticles everyday.