Lucy Pastorelli & Chan talk all things eFile on the Clawgasmic Podcast

Join Lucy and Chan on the Clawgasmic podcast where they will be chatting all things eFile - Covering some of the most frequently asked eFile and drill bit questions from the Clawgasmic nail network.

If you’re not already part of the Clawgasmic Nail Network, it's definitely worth checking out. It’s an online community for nail techs, enabling you to be the best you can be.

A safe space for you to learn and grow your skills and business. 

With over 440 tutorials covering nail art tips and tricks, how to perfect your nail foundations to social media advice, it's a positive place to feel included in what can sometimes be a daunting place.

We're firm believers in the benefits of using an eFile in your nail service here at LP. They're here to make your working life easier, and yet there is still some industry fear and stigma around using them.

Lucy gives advice and tips as to why you should be using one in your service.
The benefits it can have on your business and your health, and how they can help you earn more money!

You can also hear about Lucy’s favourite drill bits, what they are used for and when to use them. From nail prep to removals, infills and refinement - it's all covered!

Plus, we always love chatting with Chan. She's such an inspiration in the nail industry, and like us, is here to help nail techs be the best they can be!

Check out the Lucy Pastorelli & Chan on the Clawgasmic Podcast here

We’ve also created you this handy download featuring Lucy Pastorelli's best Drill Bits - Click here to download.


Enjoy x