Prep With The Best

Our new campaign Prep With The Best is now LIVE. Featuring our amazing Brand Ambassadors and their favourite LP prep tools. 

We believe we work with some of the best nail techs in the industry.

We promote Industry Excellence, Education and Quality.

As we celebrate our first year anniversary, we also want to celebrate our Brand Ambassadors who have inspired and helped us on our journey.

Our BA’s choose to work with us, which means they provide you with an honest, unbiased opinion and promote the tools they believe to be the best.

Over the next 3 weeks, we will be introducing our LP BA’s on our Instagram page, running live tutorials and workshops, and providing you with industry tips, tricks and discounts to help you in your career.


LP Brand Ambassadors

Prep With The Best - not only links to our Brand Ambassadors, we believe that our LP Tools are made using the best manufacturing methods too.

We work closely with our Yorkshire manufacturer to bring you the very best methods of production. All of our tools are precision-crafted from surgical steel. They are coated in Diamond-Like Carbon, which has the hardness of diamond - one of the hardest known materials to date. It's environmentally friendly and helps to reduce friction, wear and corrosion. 

Meaning your LP Tools are stronger and created for longevity - which means less tools in landfills. YAY!

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve and bring you the best tools. Our products are created by Nail techs, for Nail techs - so we understand what works. Our LP HQ has a nail bar with 15 Nail techs, where we throughly test all new product development ideas here before running production. 

"I wouldn't want to bring out a product that I am not proud of, and that's why I aim to always bring you the very best" Lucy Pastorelli 

If you have a question about any of our products drop us an email at

You can check out our LP Brand Ambassadors and the faces of Prep With The Best below (Click the name)

Bella · Courtney · Ele · Eve · Gemma · Kate · Kelly · Kirstan · Leah · Sadie · Savannah